Meet the 80-year-old model slaying the runway

How important is the workspace for you? Is it messy or you put everything in order at the end of every working day? My home office is actually a very tiny space and I tried to keep it in order but I admit I have a secret – one of the corners there is always messy. And no matter how hard I try – it just remains messy. I’ve always explained it with the lack of space.. But anyway… here is a glimpse to my tiny home office.

Camille is a wonderful contradiction, who really loves a turtleneck… ! A former lawyer who stumbled into the super glamorous and crazy life of a fashion blogger; a Parisian who now lives in London; a “fashion girl” who is completely down to earth and charming – and has impeccable taste in classical French music, the amazing talents you find in people when you get comfortable with them for an entire afternoon!

So, as she told us about how she crossed the English Channel one day for love and has stayed there ever since, and how she never planned on being a fashion blogger, it all just sort of happened, she showed us the cozy pieces that she takes with her on her travels.

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